About Us

Our fantasy paintings and our comic are born out of the need to escape to a place filled with wonder, mysteries and adventure. Having gone through a rough and often confusing childhood, which was often overwhelming and busy. Each of our paintings tell their own story, transporting the viewer into another world. In that world, anything is possible, leaving all worries and stress far behind gearing up for a once in a lifetime quest.

All of our work begins, with working out composition and blocking in light and shadow, this creates the mood and feel of the story we want to tell. Our paintings have a more whimsical, loose look which we find fits best our style and adds a sense of mystery. In the end we often love to add little specks of color into the light and shadow areas. The specks invite the viewers eyes to wander and really get absorbed into the painting.

The Universe of Apocrypha Mystries :

has been in the making for a long time, my sister and I have started writing characters and stories for this wonderful, mysterious world since we were kids. However since then the concept has really grown and matured, from more whimsical and mythology based, to being more rooted within the "real" world.

Its darkness as well as its light. Its characters and creatures, lore and rich history. You will find that behind is a very human core based on life experience we can all relate to. From heartbreaks and disappointments, to discovering that we all have our place within a story that is larger than life. Like a most beautiful tapestry of unfathomable complexity and mystery.

I'm the older sister and as you can probably guess I love my cup of tea. I do most of the digital coloring, the finishing touches for our pastel work and the main writing.

One of my biggest inspiration is music. When I start working on a piece or story I try to listen to music that conveys the mood I'd like to portray. This helps my mind to create the scene just like in a movie. From there my hands try to translate it as good as they can onto paper : )

I'm the younger sister and do most of the sketching and pencil work for our comics. For the pastel I do mostly the ground work plus composition, and then my sister adds the magic touches. We both brainstorm together for ideas, for our writing and additional details for plot and character development.

One of my favorite motivators are the little goodies my sister bakes for me to snake on whilst working the magic ; )