Welcome Freebies

Welcome Freebies

Hi Everyone,

Yeah its been a while we posted, getting the website setup, progressing in my online class for thriving artists, our day jobs and painting its been quite chaotic. We also constantly think about what we could make or create that would be fun for you guys.

Therefore as a small welcome fun freebie, we thought to gift you some beautiful wallpapers for your computer, I phone and I pad. We picked our pastel painting we did for Final Fantasy 7 remake, the iconic childhood scene between Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart. The other one is our own character called Celeblasienne taking a nap in the midow. We all use our electronic divces daily, and for us having a beautiful or inspirational background really makes that time more enjoyable !

Check the Link below, to sign up to our email list, and get your wallpaper freebies. We promise that we will make our emails always fun and interesting so you have always something positive in your email box to look forward to:



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