Enter our Workspace

Enter our Workspace

Opening our doors to a small tour of our humble workspace. We live together in a three bedroom apartment here in Basel, Switzerland and we use one of the room as our studio. In the future it would be great to own a bigger space, to have a corner for all the stuff we need btu for now it has to do.

Little warning...yeah its quite chaotic and stuff all over, I intended to clean up some but hey I thought that wouldn't be true to it, Since everytime we do clean up it doesn't last long ( a little embarassed) but we often get lost in the process, playing with our cats aka our manager and sub manager or we jump from project to project.

Here you can see my lovely sister Karin, working on our latest watercolor character sketches for our first chapter of Apocrypha Mysteries that will be released soon in form of a light novel style with many cool and amazing illustrations done of course by us in it.
This is her maind desk, with her apple computer thats getting old...uh uhm and in the back is our bookshelf with most of our research books in it. Plus a small sneak peek of a pstel I'm working on...psst
We have bought some watercolor material lately for our new Apocrypha Mysteries project, and some of our favorite are from winsor and newton the granulating sets. They are so beautiful and unqiue, we will show them to you in a blogpost closer. I like to add little cute plushes and stuff here and there around our studio. It makes it more friendly, inspiring and homely ( I love shabby chic and rustic)
And of course we got some plant, who doesn't need and love them ? They just make any space look and feel better.
The biggest secret behind our creativity and work diligent are our two lovely but yet when needed bossy cats, Miette and Sesam. They are part of everything we do, following us from room to room. When we get lazy Miette takes her whip out slashing furiously the ground *no kidding* and Sesam will try to calm her down ( he is the one with the soft heart) he he he
They always end up after a day of work with colors on ther paws or in their fur, or if its cuddle time they just sit down right in front of the computer or unto our paper...if we still ignore it, they attack the pencil or wacom tablet pen ! but not like we don't enjoy cuddle kissing time (probably more then they do)
I (Murielle) also like to draw on the floor sometimes, espcially when I need more space and well its comfy.
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