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Apocrypha Mysteries : Secret of Brencaster (Issue1)

Apocrypha Mysteries : Secret of Brencaster (Issue1)

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Discover the enchanting town of Brencaster, nestled along the  mysterious shores of the Black Sea. Shrouded in an ethereal greenish fog, this hidden gem holds secrets that await your exploration. Join the esteemed leaders and students of Apocrypha Military School on their inaugural mission to uncover long-lost truths and unravel the fate of the missing researchers. 

Brace yourself for a blood-chilling revelation that Brencaster has concealed for centuries. Immerse yourself in a world where imagination knows no bounds - embark on this captivating journey now, as Regenassart wisely bewares: "the most merciful thing is ignorance...until it's unleashed."

Details: PDF Download of 91 pages, with illustrations. The document can't be opened on phones for now.

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