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The cult of Baalath

The cult of Baalath

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Royal Guards, fighting princess and a whole lot of dark mystery -

The cult of Baalath - Royal Medjay side story

In the main city of Lundain one body after another shows up placed untop of a curious pentagram symbol but only when the daugther of a well established family shows up dead does the King of Lundain have no other choice but to put his strongest force the royal medjay on the job.

The royal medjay are lead by the famous captain Aurelius and whilst he most of the time counts on the strength and wits of his men, in this particular case he asked help from a mysterious woman of the church.

Who is that woman that works for the church ? Who might the killer be  or is it even an entire cult ? What is the meaning of it ? Will the royal medjay be up to the task ?


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