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Red Caravan

Red Caravan

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You love dark fantasy adventure? Games like Resident Evil, Elden Ring and Bloodborne? Then this one is for you.

PDF Document ( Story with Illustrations )

Page Count : 21 Pages (This one is a mini series)

Red Caravan - Apocrypha Mysteries side story

In a world ruled by those who deal in secrets and the flow of information. where few are brave enough to seek the truth. Humanity is enslaved within their own bubbles of reality, where the wake up call would summon the end.

The Agnus Dei a templar knight order, is dedicated to just that. Finding out the truth and bringing a new dawn of knowledge to humanity.

Cinder and his childhood friend Lael, two apprentice knights from the small northern village of Skall, might just get the opportunity they need to join the main order in the beautiful world capital of Lundain.

Recently, the duo has discovered that a neighbouring town might have made a deal with the dark forces of the world.

As on cold foggy nights, whispers carried through the winds speak of a red caravan.

and whenever it appears some good maidens and lads, do not see dawn ever again...

They are joined by a female apprentice of noble blood and one of the agnus deis most powerful captains - Lord Ozias the merciless.

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