Collection: Apocrypha Mysteries Prologue

Apocrypha Mysteries Prologue -

A short comic inspired by H.P Lovecrafts The Shadow over Innsmouths and prologue to our main manga.

Apocrypha is a private military company placed in a fictional London, producing skilled mercenaries and intel gathering agents for anyone who can afford it. Lucile Al Densa, is a teacher and agent working at Apocrypha. She and her partner Carlos Silvierra are sent to Brencaster Massachusetts to investigate the sudden disappearance of the famous marine biologist Linda Blackrock daugther of the major. Linda and her two research partners were focusing on the history of Brencaster, slowly uncovering the truth of this coastal town when after the recent terrible storm they went missing. All that was left their tent that looks like it had been cut from the inside ? No traces left behind ? Join them to figure out what secrets this town tries to hide by all means...