Autumn is embracing winter as the days get shorter and frosty air might be nibbling at your lovely nose.

So make yourself comfortable near your digital fire place (or the real deal if you are blessed that way), And pour yourself a nice, hot cup of tea.

Here is a soothing, immune boosting recipe we like to make ourselves:

A couple of dried Lemonbalm leaves ( this is a great plant to have in your garden or pot).

Lemon balm is great for anti stress benefits, calming soothing and is said to even have antibacterial properties.

Lime blossom has some great immune boosting anti inflammatory properties as well as anti anxiety.

And least but not last we like to add a bit of organic black elderberry syrup.
Black elderberries are full of benefits. Not only is it praised for being full of vitamins and antioxidants but it is said to even help with heart health as well as promote good memory and focus.

Also it is a great, mild sweetener and as a plus, it gets the cats stamp of approval.


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